Before you use your FTP you need add a website first. If you’re done with it you can start to create your FTP access. FTP prefix Please not that your username will be used as prefix for your FTP account name. For example your Server […]


To create cronjobs goto tab „Cron Jobs“. First you select the website where you run the cronjob. To understand how it works, we show you some examples: Run a cronjob every 5 minutes (every day): */5 in Minutes field, all others only * Run only […]


The second important thing are Databases. So if your website need MySQL, you need to create first a database user and after that your database. Save this information carefully and enter these in your website configuration or setup. 1) Create Database User 2) Create Database […]


Here you can manage your websites. Important options are: Harddisk Quota, SSL, Let’s Encrypt SSL and PHP Version. We recommend to use SSL with free Let’s Encrypt and latest PHP Version. If you website you don’t need PHP you can also disable it. Static websites […]