A-Record & Domains

If you have domains and need to configure it for your webhosting? Here are 3 simple steps to do it.

1) Server IP

Important for your domain is your server ip address. In your HubuHost account you find this on your startpage if you created a free webspace. Copy this ip address.

2) A-Record – „Ping domain to server“

Now go to your domain provider and edit all A-Records to your server ip address. Include also subdomains, like www. etc. After that it can take up to 24 hours to inform all DNS server about your change.

3) Insert Domain To Webhosting

When your domain is ping the correct server you can add a new website in your Server Panel.
Important for SSL: This works only if your domain is located at the server ip address. Otherwise SSL will not work.
You can check the correct ip address with (cmd/terminal on your computer): ping mydomain.com

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